Unity for Narrative Designers

Onlinecourse with Evgeny Vasiliev


Start - June 15, 2022
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1) The course is suitable for those who want to learn how to prototype on Unity WITHOUT CODE

A renewed narrative design block has been added: videos and tasks
(checked by Maria Kochakova)

The course was created in partnership
The course lasts for 3 months
a lecture or a webinar once a week
Why would a narrative designer or game writer need Unity?

Unity is one of the most popular game engines.
(Game engine = game development software)

Knowing the basics of any game engine, especially such a popular one, is a necessary skill for any member of a development team.

Often novice narrators have a bad idea of game development, the features of game storytelling, the possibilities of a game engine in terms of storytelling.

In this course, narrative designers and game writers can get to know the game development kitchen more deeply and make a game for themselves for their portfolio.
Attention! The course has an introductory lesson on how to install Unity. As well as additional materials, including a list of games that we recommend playing during the course.
This Unity Course for Narrative Designers
designed for:
Movie screenwriters, writers, copywriters

who want to master the most popular game engine
Game designers and developers

who want to learn how to prototype and tell stories in gameplay games
Those who want to get
into the gamedev industry

During the course, you will be able to make a portfolio and understand the inner kitchen of game development
Course result:
Unity game in a portfolio
No need to program!
Course without code
Walking Simulator
Firewatch (Campo Santo, 2016)
SOMA (Frictional Games, 2015) Yes, it's not on Unity, but just something similar can be assembled there
Adventure game
Black Book (Morteska, 2020)
What kinds of games can be made on the course
What programs do I need to install to study?

Download the Unity Hub launcher, and with it the latest version of Unity 2021 and do not uncheck the box when they offer to install the Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition development environment in the kit!

You will communicate with the teacher in Zoom and Discord.

(we will tell you more about installing Unity in the introductory lesson)

All programs can be downloaded for free from their official websites. A detailed installation manual for Unity3D will be in the welcome newsletter for our students.

>>Requirements for your computer!<<
Course content
Getting started
Let's study how the game engine works, the basic concepts and the Unity interface.
We will learn how to assemble and prototype game levels, search and download cassettes.
Let's figure out the standard UI creation tools in Unity, create a simple story with choices.
Integration with the text engine
Let's analyze the popular Ink tool for creating interactive stories, learn how to assemble our games to it.
Building a game for different platforms
Let's figure out how to make a build for Windows, Android and Web.
What's the course look like?
Lessons takes place on the GetCourse platform.

Once a week - on Saturdays, at 12:00 - lessons with tasks open to you.

During the week we check your homework, and you can ask us questions in a closed channel in Discord.

The video of the next lesson appears in your personal account after you've done your homework, and we have checked and accepted it.

Reviews of those who have already studied
in Narratorica
Or who teaches all these courses?

The course is taught by Evgeny Vasiliev
- video game developer
- Brand Manager at Destiny.games (2017-2019)
- head of the "Game Developer" business role at Github College

- teacher of Unity development and 3D modeling
- COO of the game development studio IThub games
- Organizer of Global Game Jam, Unreal Day Moscow, Keep Calm Do Games.
Payment by a legal entity is possible.

For all questions, please contact narratorikaonline@yandex.ru

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